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Expert Reviews in your webshopOnly 1 or 2 out of 100 visitors viewing a product page end up making a purchase. What would it mean for your total turnover and sales if you could increase this to 3 or 4 out of 100?

TestSeek is an expert review aggregator, it is our mission to collect essential data from all expert reviews that are published on the Internet.

We enable webshops to show this extremely requested and sales driving content directly at their product pages. It is free, the

Why Expert Reviews?


"Increase Sales"

Reading about other people's experiences of a product is a natural part of the online shopping procedure. It's a scientifically proven fact that products with reviews and awards from trusted publications convert better. You can expect an increase of conversion of around 20% and up.

"Increase Customer Loyalty"

Online shoppers look for reviews before the make a purchase. Respect your clients and provide them with truly unbiased and much requested product information in the form of expert reviews and awards. They will pay you back by returning again and again with new purchases.

"Salesdriving Content"

Nothing drives sales like an "Editor's Choice"-badge from a trusted and well-known publication. We're not saying you shouldn't have product specifications or user reviews in your shop, we're just saying that our aggregated expert reviews and awards will make a great contribution to your webshop and give your visitors a better shopping experience - and in the end; give you a better ROI (Return on Investment).


E-mail: b2b (a) testseek.com
Tel: +46 (0) 31 360 77 20










Still not convinced? Here are the facts:

  • "98% of consumers say reviews have MAJOR influence on their purchasing decisions" (SteelHouse: www.steelhouse.com, 2012)
  • "72% always read reviews before purchasing" (SteelHouse: www.steelhouse.com, 2012)
  • "Most consumers read more than 10 reviews" (SteelHouse: www.steelhouse.com, 2012)




Prices and subscription options ("Open TestSeek" is free!)

The following table describes which features are included in the Open, Pro and Premium TestSeek versions respectively:

Feature Open Pro Premium Clarification of terms
TestSeek branding (TestSeek summary + "powered by"-logo) required optional optional With Open TestSeek, our branded review summary and “powered by Testseek”-logo is not optional.
External reviews and awards - Ja Ja "Pro"/"Premium" display all reviews/awards (as many as you want), see example here. "Open" displays TestSeek’s review summary and review score distribution, see example here
Priority API response - Ja Ja Our API-servers get huge numbers of requests per day and therefore we have given first API response priority for paying users.
Ajax, JavaScript response - Ja Ja For Pro and Premium TestSeek clients, we offer a wide array of integration options. Ajax and JavaScript allows clients to do easy and yet very good looking integrations.
XML response - Ja Ja XML response allows clients to create fu lly customized implementations and to store data locally.
Store data locally - Ja Ja Although Testseek’s API has redundant servers and historical uptime is above 99.9%, some clients prefer to use our XML response to download and store data locally. This is possible either by using our XML API-response or using Testseek’s partner XML exporting system.
Full matchup of product catalog - - Ja For Premium TestSeek clients, we offer the possibility of making API requests with client’s own internal productIDs. API requests with partner’s own productIDs results in super-speedy responses and the highest coverage possible (coverage = % of client’s products with reviews). This is made possible by TestSeek importing client’s entire product catalog and matching client’s internal productIDs to testseek’s productIDs. The matching is done on a continuous basis.

Price per month*


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